Constant Flux
By Susan S.









"All love is unrequited."
-Susan Ivanova, "Rising Star", Babylon 5

Does every rule have exceptions, even the rule that every rule has one? "Never again," Sachiko says. Never again will she be love's bitch, she vows. Unfortunately for her, there are those who'd like her to break that vow, first and formost is "The Chief", who's affections are soon spurned.

Meanwhile, in another country, a man named Ryan with his own troubles crawls into bed and hopes for some peaceful sleep, only to dream of a strange man who asks for his help. Help for what, he doesn't know... At least, until, after at least 27 attack-free years, an ice dragon decides it's a nice day for a minor rampage through town and Ryan sees Sachiko attempting to stop it...

Back in Reed, a mysterious woman called Adele appears in the chief's chambers and shortly after Paige, a friend of Sachiko's, appears to have a "talk" with this stubborn, dense woman and gets absolutely nowhere fast.

Off in Clarksville, an injured Sachiko dreams of her lost beloved, then wakes to find herself in some strange man's apartment. Luck smiles and fate winces, for this is none other than the house of a local healer, Ryan.

Sachiko, however, is not the only one to get strange dreams this day. Ryan dreams of someone named "Kazeno" and a woman in a purple suit fighting, and himself being caught in the middle of it. They leave, "Kazeno" leaving him with the crypic clue, "Let's fight fate together, partner..." and a kiss. A less secure man would worry about the latter.

Morning comes and the pieces start to fall in place, or so it seems... Fate, what do you hold for these people?

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